• Colin Mobey

What do you see when you look at the glass?

Do you measure the amount of water against the rim of the glass?

Are you disappointed because you expected to see more?

Do you just stare at the top of the glass and wonder how you lost all that water?

Do you wonder who took your water?


Are you amazed at how much water is in there?

How amazing it is to have any water at all?

Are you encouraged by how much opportunity there is to find or create more water?

Do you even notice the glass?

It’s not about how much water is in the glass.

It’s not even really about the glass at all.

It’s about what you expect to see when you look at the glass.

So, stop looking at the glass.

The glass is judgement.

The glass is unnecessary.

Look at the water.

The water you have.

Look at the opportunity to create more water.

Simply appreciate water.

(inspired by Mo Gawdat and his happiness algorithm…)

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