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Teaching results through patience

Any exercise is good for you.

One where you can be mindful as well: bonus points.

Walking, swimming, running, HIIT, Jeet Kune Do.

Whatever. Works. For. You.

Me? It’s yoga.

Not me. You can tell by the fact he has hair. That's the only way you can tell...

Stretching, bending, eco-mats, lycra. These are just a few of my favourite things.

The one thing above all others it’s taught me: patience for results.

You start with the core forms, stretches and twists. They’re hard. Pushing your body to do things it’s not done before always is. Same with your mind.

Then you notice you can bend a bit deeper.

Strength is revealed in your core.

But not in your arms.

So you adapt your practice. More crow. Side crow.

You fall at first, but you want the strength (and tone, we all have egos…;-)), so you pick yourself up and go again.

Bruises appear.

You go to your core, lifting your arms from your legs. A millimetre at first, just for a second. The time grow with practice.

You get fitter, stronger, quicker.

Small results at first. Adapting your practice to build on your results.

Movement and purpose to find new, different results.

You focus on your breath.

Your mind starts to feel fitter, stronger, quicker. At peace.

Purposeful action.

Combined with patience.

Equals results.

What mindful exercise gets you the results you seek?

#mindfulness #yoga #patience

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