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Moments are what matter

22 days since our kids broke up for school holidays and today was the first family day out.

Took a huge effort to get teenager out of bed early and almost-a-teenager looked pretty dazed when he realised he couldn't take his xbox into the peak district, but we made it.

Picnics, aerobe, ice-cream, mazes, even a guided tour round a stately home (bizarrely the kid's idea and they didn't complain once...I know!!) followed and we all returned with the lactose sweats and tired legs.

Sometimes we put these things off because the effort doesn't seem worth it.

I know I sometimes see the responses my kids have about 'family time' now they prefer the company of their best friends Nick Netflix and Xavier Xbox and too often think 'sod it'.

But it's always worth it.

Even when it's not, there are moments that stick in your mind.

And life is all about moments.

I won't leave it 22 days before the next one.

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