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Leaders: Watch your Language

We use a lot more than words to communicate-eye movements, posture, emojis-but words still hold immense power.

Goes without saying that people who lead should therefore think about the words they use. You do inspire the team environment after all.

That’s not to say you should overthink every single syllable, but we all have certain sayings or specific words we become fond of that may no longer be serving us how we hoped.

I used to end any type of conversation with ‘cool’. 

It was my way of closing a conversation in a way that showed I was comfortable with whatever we’d discussed. That I was chill. A way of showing I was part of the team.

But it became a constant. When I was excited about where the conversation had gone and what we were going to do next… I said cool. When I was a little disappointed and we knew we had more work to do on the topic… I said cool. I used it at work (to much eye rolling). I used it with my kids (to even more eye rolling).

It stopped meaning pretty much anything.

Over the next few posts I’m going to look at several words and phrases that we as leaders often use. Think about how they lose their power with overuse or poor placement. How context has evolved and words could actually be limiting where once they were positive. Explore alternatives along a scale. A scale I’ve seen people often favour at the extremes rather that choosing with purpose.

To use creating words, no matter the situation.

Not limiting words, no matter the situation.

Not just with those around us, but with the conversations we have with ourselves. This might be even more important.

The next blog post will be about one of my favourite words.

Sound good?


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