• Colin Mobey

If only you had more time...

A fact jumped out at me this week:

Back in 1950, the life expectancy in the UK was around 66 years (for a fella).

Statistically speaking, my grandfathers were expected to live until they'd had 66 birthdays.

In actuality one was pretty much the age I am now (so considerably less than the stats said), the other got a little way past that.

I never knew the first, but I remember the second as one of the nicest, finest, truest men I've ever known.

And considering the statistical likelihood of his length of life, he didn't half cram a lot into it.

Love, laughter, work, war, travel.

And a ton more laughter.

A rich life; a full life.

He never let the statistical length of his time with us limit what he could do.

Our life expectancy, statistically speaking, is 80.

A much bigger number.

On average, we should get 14 more years than our grandparents.

That's quite a lot.

Or, another way of looking at it...

They accomplished shed loads with much less time than we did.

Makes you think.

About the things they did.

And the things you can still do.

About the difference they made.

And the difference you can still make.

It's not too late.

Not too late to adjust your course.

Even change direction.

Even start again.

You have time.

You have more time than anyone else in history.

Let's use it.

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