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Embrace your inner geek

I spent a big part of my childhood sat on my Dad’s knee, and then sat beside him, watching Star Trek.

Even now, if I’m feeling down, or maybe my stomach is giving me grief, then I’ll find an episode of the Original Series and wallow with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy for a while (42 minutes to be exact).

It’s a big part of why I love geek.

My kids love it too. Mainly Almost-a-Teenager, who’ll happily while away hours watching Agents of Shield with me, or any Star Wars film, or even Krull (that one took a bit of persuading).

A week ago, Teenager made my heart burst.

“Can we watch all the Marvel films from the beginning, Dad?”

Are there any other words a parent wants to hear more?

We set the MCU ground rules - no Hulk, we’d watch all the post-credit scenes, and anything with Chris Hemsworth or Tom Holland would be watched during the day so that Teenager (and Wife, I suspect…) could enjoy the spectacle (of their touching acting performances I assume…) without feeling tired.

And then we dove into Iron Man.

And then Iron Man 2

And then Thor.

Sharing quick glances between us all, Teenager spotting the inconsistencies in later films and questioning them, 50% of the viewing audience swooning when Chris Hemsworth takes his shirt off (tbh, whatever your persuasion it’s hard not to admire the magnificence of the man).

I love the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe - but if you’ve got this far through this post, I’m pretty sure you knew that).

I love the inspiring messages, the heroic sacrifices and successes, the team work, the falls and the eventual rise to a united front against overwhelming opposition.

I love sharing it even more.

That bond I have with my Dad has always been strong. For many, many reasons.

Our love of inspiring friendships, noble sacrifices, and the odd laser gun is one that has always drawn us together.

We have our differences, but we have our similarities too.

I’m grateful that both kids see the amazing good that sharing those things can bring.

(as well as enjoying a topless superhero).

Captain America this weekend.

Can’t wait.

Enjoy yours.

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