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Blindsided by my identity

For 12 years I had company cars.

Now, I have a go-kart.

It’s a 1 litre Kia. Small. No bells. Possibly a whistle. Doesn’t really draw the eye.

And for a few months I felt inadequate-as-hell driving it.

Identity issues connected to a car? Who knew?

I’d picture other people (usually driving Range Rovers or Mercs…think that highlights my beliefs at that point!) not even noticing me.

Worse, I’d imagine them actually noticing me, seeing a middle-aged chap driving a pretty basic car and thinking I hadn’t ‘made it’.

Took me a while to realise I was doing it. That it was getting me down.

Took me too long to figure out how to stop it.

Every day now I do the school runs in the go-kart.

About 7 miles a day.

That's it.

They’re the best 7 miles I’ve done in years.

Occasionally I’ll use it to go to a networking event, or a speaking event. Or to meet up with friends for a bike ride, or a walk. Or just to catch up. On a week day.

Those are far better miles than the 5am commute to the old office.

It’s about reframing what’s important to you, right now.

I love my go-kart now. It helps me do what’s important.

Get in touch if you’re interested in how coaching can help you reframe what’s important to you.

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