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Back to normality...

Back to school this week, which of course means new shoes.

4 pairs just for Almost-a-Teenager!

He needed new school shoes. Fair enough.

Also, black trainers for school. No other kind will do.

Of course, black trainers are not cool outside of school. So new trainers needed for casual wear too.

And football boots. Best not forget them. Critical footwear for 120 minutes a week. Neon bright ones of course.

So many necessities to spend money on.

Necessities to keep normal running as expected.

But you do it because you have too.

That's what necessity means.

No wonder people balk at the idea of spending money on a coach when there are so many necessities to pay for.


Unless you see your personal growth as a necessity.

Unless you see commitment to a life you truly deserve as a necessity.

Unless you see taking yourself to a higher, more joyful, exponential level in life and work as a necessity...

For the money you'd pay a coach you could have a reasonable holiday.

A holiday where all problems go on hold for a bit.

A bit...

A relaxing holiday, for sure. Nothing wrong with that.

But it's not a necessity.

The necessity is to not have the problems when you get back from holiday.

The necessity you deserve is to shift your mindset.


Back to school this week; back to normality.

Is the normality you have the one you really want?

What necessities do you need to get you there?

Go get them.

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