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Powering up your mindset, boosting your health, harnessing your inner-geek


It all starts with a free, one-hour call.

One hour to start the journey from fed-up to superhero.


“Life doesn’t give you purpose. We give life purpose.”

The Flash


You're a geek

That means you're passionate about something
That's amazing. Powerful. Inspiring.
Time to use that passion to get amazing, powerful, inspiring results in your life.
Mind, Body & Geek is about you doing just that.


Are you an active hero?

Can you imagine your future?
Can you create it?
Are you enjoying creating it?
Laughing, smiling while you do it?
Do you feel confident?
Is your career flying?
Progression, higher profits, a sense of fulfilment coming your way?
Are your friends, family, colleagues behind you?
When you fall, do you pick yourself back up?


Or is this how you feel?

Like you're missing something?
Something you can't quite articulate?
Are you working hard, but not sure why, what for anymore?
Frustrated with those around you?
That it feels like they don't "get" you?
Feel like you don't have the energy to do something about it?
That your future is only determined by your past?


Then it's time to suit up

Time to find your purpose.
To figure out the gifts you have.
The paths you should choose.
The difference you can make.
The results you want are there for you to grasp.
It's time to stop just being enough.
I work with clients who want to be the hero of their own lives.
Time to step up, suit up, and be that person.


"The future is worth it. All the pain. All the fears. The future is worth the fight"

The Martian Manhunter


Mind, Body & Geek Coaching

6-months or 12-months coaching programmes

You want to create lasting change. That takes time. 

Working together for 6 months or a year, your package will be highly personalised to your goals and desires - including figuring out what your goals and desires are.

It's all done online (via Zoom or Skype). so it doesn't matter where you are in the world.

Hopefully it's obvious from the name of the programme, but we'll focus on three key areas...



I am Iron Man” - Tony Stark

Tony Stark knows he's not a super hero yet.

But he doesn't say he will be Iron Man.

He makes a promise to himself.

A promise of intention.

To be the superhero he wants to be.

And to do that he has to act like that superhero now.

He has the mindset of a hero.


"You are much stronger that you think you are” - Spider-Man

Embracing a new mindset is hard.
You need energy to do it.
To grab your purpose and keep hold of it.
Having a healthy body and soul will help you do this.
It doesn’t matter what your starting point is.
Your body is another tool.
One that can easily and steadily be improved.


You’re gonna miss each and every shot you can’t be bothered to take” - Hawkeye

No longer is geek an embarrassment.
Now it’s a super power of its own.
Films, TV, comic books, games.
They allow us to free our minds.
To remove the tensions of life
And they inspire us to reach new heights.
But only if you use it. 
Not let it use you.


It all starts with a free, one-hour call.

One hour to start the journey from fed-up to superhero.