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Stay on Target


One Month Coaching | Specific Focus on a Life or Career Challenge

I'll help you rediscover your talents, courage and purpose so you can rediscover a relationship or career path you're proud of.

3x 60 minute sessions over 4 weeks covering:

  • Pre-Sessions Questionnaire to hit the ground running

  • An Agile Vision - a way to focus, plan and achieve results in the chosen area

  • Energy Insight - tactical options to find the energy you need to achieve your plan

  • Mindset Coaching -  how to adopt the right mindset to stay on your target


Embed Mindfulness in your Day [Workshop]


Calm your Mind at Work...While Doing Work

I'll help you to easily and regularly find a calm place where you can make much better decisions.

Ever wanted to try mindfulness but struggling to find the time? 

Amused by that irony?

This workshop is designed to teach you mindful practices that calm your mind, and increase your productivity...while you do your work.

The best way to embed mindfulness into your daily routine is to learn it while doing your daily routine.

Prices Vary

Embed Mindfulness in your Day [Online Course]




“The journey to truly superior performance is neither for the faint of heart nor for the impatient. The development of genuine expertise requires struggle, sacrifice, and honest, often painful self-assessment. There are no shortcuts”

K. Anders Ericsson, Robert R. Hoffman

The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance


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Nothing beats talking in person (hint: chemistry call...), but if you feel you want to put ideas or questions down in writing, then please reach out and start a conversation.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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